Day 123 - 2800 N. Rosser St / by eric teran

The vacant lot was always labeled as 5447 Fillmore Ave. However, since we have our front door facing Rosser St we had to change our address. We finally got the new address. Be sure to write this down to send cookies and presents anytime of the year.

Teran-Gross Residence
2800 N Rosser St,
Alexandria, VA 22311

The other exciting news is that Walter showed up early to install a gas pressure testing valve before 10:03 so that the city inspector could test and approve it before 12:06 so that the gas company technician could install the meter before 2:09 pm. Amazingly it worked out.

Gas Meter installed! One more thing to check off the list. 

No idea if I have already shown this photo in the last 122 days but this is the steam shower kit. You can see the copper line going through the wall is where the steam will come in. This was an added expenses of $2,800 (material and labor) but I'll justify it by using it every day for 2,800 days so that the average price comes out to $1 per use which then makes this a bargain!