Day 122 - Gutters Unite / by eric teran

Today was a busy day. I did not do much but there were lots of people working throughout the day on the house. As I mentioned the other day I decided to no longer do the gutters and downspouts myself. It might have been the slowness of my climb on the 30'-0" ladder to the roof or the fact that I might fall and then have to hear from Daniela and the rest of my family, "Why are you so cheap? Why didn't you just pay someone to do!? It would have been faster and done better!!! Why do you always try to do it yourself? Now you are hurt and in the hospital and can't do anything now! It will cost double than what it should have cost! When will you listen!?! When will you learn!"

So I hired STB Remodeling contractors and they did it all in 90 minutes with a team of five guys! That was so damn fast!!! It looks great and you don't even notice it. Money will spent and no lecture for me.

What you see there is a gutter making machine. It can make a gutter as long as needed. This way there are no seams every 10'-0" and looks much cleaner. 

Isn't this a thing of beauty? My gas line, my electric line, my downspout and a hose bibb hidden somewhere behind everything is all installed. 

We also had the mini-splits almost completed but the electrician forgot to provide some disconnects so they could not finalize the installation. However, it is a step in the right direction.

I met the city inspector again today to go over the gas lines and I finally understood that both the electrician and plumber have to do something. Mike the electrician did it right away. Walter the plumber on the other hand said he would be there in the morning.

I finished the night with a trip to IKEA to replace the piece I broke. It broke pretty easy but once put together with the entire unit it is very strong.