Day 121 - No More Hills / by eric teran

Whose the bomb? LCS sure services! I can't hear you? Whose the bomb? LCS Site Services! Two guys showed up at 7:30 and by 12:37 the entire property was completely graded. Just like that. That was easy!

Cleaning up the site before final grading takes place. They had a few big concrete sidewalk portions that had to be destroyed to put into the dumpster.

Pedro was happy and sad that all the dirt was gone. He now has a place to ride his bike but nowhere to climb.

More good news is that we have cable and internet! Time to watch some Game of Thrones! We don't have any furniture or floors yet but we have cable and internet. As far as I am concerned the house is “move in ready”.

More good news half of the floors arrived! Of course Rudy was there to put them all inside. Tomorrow the other half arrives. The reason it was split in two is that they only had half the order in New Jersey and the rest in California. FYI freight from California cost an extra $203.68. Live and learn.

Half the floors! Actually this is about a third. The rest is spread throughout the house.

Some bad news is that the inspector came by to test the gas line but he said, “it is too muddy to walk to the front door and there are back hoes in the way.”  Even though it is a construction site he did not accept that as a reason to get his shoes dirty. I should have given him my shoes.