Day 120 - New Shoes / by eric teran

Memorial Day was spent buying the last few baby items, some clothes for Daniela as she has nothing that fits and some shoes. I finally got new sport shoes. The last time I bought some was around May 17th of 2010 at 11:17 am. I probably could have used new ones in February of 2013. I marched on but I finally caved in. First my phone and now my shoes. I feel like a new man. As you will see in the photo new shoes were in order as my socks were acting more like shoes. Daniela says they are way too old and worn out and I say they have character.

 I hate shopping but it was fun seeing Daniela buy stuff that actually fits her. I am glad i will never be pregnant. Good … no … ….AMAZING job women!

Up close and in depth view of what I call shoes. I'll burn them once we move into the house.