Day 124 - The tale of the City / by eric teran

I visited the city of Alexandria permit department because I had to update our plans to show that the garage would not be installed at this time. No more money or time. The good news is that it is pretty simple to do. The bad news is that I do not get the $5,000 bond back until I build the garage. Hopefully I can get it built within a year.

Just like February I ordered more gravel. 17 tons to be exact. Most of it will be used for the driveway which will be pervious. It requires 4” of gravel for the base on top of a filter fabric to keep out the weeds and dirt. On top of the base the plastic grid paving system, Trugrid is installed. Then more pebbles. I guess we will see what happens over the weekend.

Basement bathroom vanity installed with the new IKEA piece holding up the counter.