Day 102 - An Ode to my Kitchen / by eric teran

Rain. My property gets very muddy in rain. I cancelled Rudy showing up and Jose the excavator cancelled as well. The sidewalk and driveway was also delayed and the only thing that happened was mud getting everywhere.

To my kitchen .... One day you will be complete and feel proud of being a kitchen. You will serve us all throughout the day and night. You will hear our bellies grumble and our desires for late night unhealthy snacks. You are the giver food and the dispenser of waste. For you my kitchen are the heart and soul of this home. You are center. You are energy. We promise to be with you at least three times a day. Probably more. There will be the curious glance of what might be behind your panels? What goodies are there to enjoy? We will clean your shelves and organize your drawers but more importantly every meal will be made with love. You will not believe the wonderful scent that will roam throughout or the silly giggles as the jelly wiggles until you are complete. To you my kitchen I promise to complete you for you will complete this home. 

The upper kitchen cabinets almost completed. 

Almost forgot ... Walter Watch - ------> No Walter.

Source: My property gets very muddy in rain.