Day 103 - Breaking News / by eric teran

A little bit of rain today. Not enough to delay the concrete pour for the sidewalk and driveway apron. I took Pedro with me to watch. He likes watching concrete flow from the concrete truck. Me too. I did have to correct him that it was not cement but concrete. However concrete contains cement. I think he understood after repeating it 4 times.

Pouring began at 8:00 am. No time wasting here.

Concrete pour complete. Sidewalk and driveway installed! The entrance to the driveway is so small because we wanted to avoid the roots of the nearby Oak tree.

Later in the afternoon I spent 3.5 hours on finishing the IKEA kitchen. I spent 45 of those minutes organizing the remaining cabinet boxes. I discovered that IKEA delivers about 10 items that I did not need and 5 of them were not even for me. I feel sorry for someone named Phillis because I got a lot of their items. I hope she realized it and did not pay extra for the missing parts. I managed to get the back wall complete. To complete this completely I would need two days from beginning to end. Next time.

It feels like yesterday that I started these cabinets. Actually it has been at least 4 weeks.

Breaking Update News ..... Still No Walter.