Day 101 - The Sidewalk to nowhere but here / by eric teran

LCS showed up early and were grading the driveway before the roster woke up the neighbors. There is no rooster. I'm just saying. Anyway, they did all the grading and prepared all the form work to pour the concrete tomorrow. The only problem is that Juan did not pick up his trailer. I told him for the last week to pick it up and he did not. Very frustrating. Also the dumpster never got replaced so we have a full dumpster and more trash is coming out. Not good. Both of them will have to wait until next Thursday to pick up their equipment.

LCS grading the area for the driveway apron and sidewalk. These guys are good!

LCS dug out a lot of dirt that I was not ready for.  More dirt for Pedro to play with.

I returned in the afternoon to find all the form work in place and ready for concrete tomorrow. FYI our property will be the only one in our block to have a sidewalk. The Sidewalk to nowhere but here. 

Inside the house the drywall mud was going on. The basement looks different with actual walls. It looks different good but good. The main area is very spaced and has lots of natural light. It will look good once we clean up the window well and windows. There is so much to clean up! The interior gets lots of spraying and rubbing and the exterior will be cleaned with a high pressure hose. Add it to the list.

FYI: No Walter. Mike was there working in the electrical.

Dominion Power was also here installing the wire from the power pole to the house. There new timeline is to have power in the house by May 24th! Finally!