Day 73 - Tile Tile Tile Everywhere and Dust / by eric teran

I finally saw the plumber again today. He apologized and said he was moving but now he is here for me. Now. I accepted his apologize when he graciously insisted on making the connection between the water supply pipe to the pipe to the water main. That was already agreed to. However the water company decided not to go under the sidewalk and left that up to me. They are so considerate. Now Walter the plumber will dig a hole/tunnel under the sidewalk to make the connection. Sometimes good things happen after bad situations. He said he would complete this tomorrow. I give him a 47% chance on coming through. Any bets?

Hugo the drywall installer sanding all the patches from last week. This is not a fun job. There was dust everywhere! He did a good job but it can't be fun. Luckily he covered everything and was there before the rest of the crew showed up.

Jose the tile installer was here today and if anyone needs a tile guy this is your man!  He finished the fireplace wall, laundry floor, powder room floor, my son's bath tub surround and the master bath feature wall behind the stand alone tub. That is a lot of tile. It looks really good! It is worth it to pay good money to get quick professional result. I thank Daniela for this one because I did have it in my brain that I could install it. Nope. Not like this. I even had my friend bring their tile cutter. Money well spent and Daniela was right. Again.

Sexy fireplace wall. Oh so sexy! I can't wait for Christmas with the wood fireplace on and the four of us snuggling on our mid-century sofa.

I went back at the end of the day around sunset to see the progress and had Rudy go back and finish the waterproofing. We used Redgard and it was easy to install. It just oozed of chemical smells. Hopefully all the steps I took is enough to keep the steam shower watertight. Only time will tell.