Day 74 - Reality / by eric teran

I went to the house very early to try and finish the IKEA cabinets. I originally said they would take a day or two. However it is now 3 weeks. I blame it on my time. 10 years ago when we built our house in Chino Hills CA I built it in 3 days and it was a bigger kitchen. Back then I had three days straight to build with no interruption. Not this time. It has been two hours here another hour there and so on. I can't get into a rhythm. Next time I will hire someone to dot it. They are very easy to build. Not much thinking is involved. You just have to read the direction carefully and not take short cuts.

When I was leaving to go to work the dumpster was finally delivered to the site again. The contractors for the gas company were also there. Today my house gets gas! I only have to connect to the electricity and do my storm drain connection. I like checking items off my list.

The one that did not get checked off was the kitchen counter tops. They will not be ready for another week. That sucks. I guess that gives me more time to mess around with the IKEA cabinets. 

I did push my move out date from our apartment to May 8th. That gives us the weekend to move. It is coming up but we can do it. SI SE PUEDE!

The porch now has post to hold up the roof. Progress!

The porch now has post to hold up the roof. Progress!

I also found out that the construction tour I am giving this Saturday has reached the max capacity of 50 people! That does not include the neighbors that I also invited. I am thinking that we will be around 60 people on Saturday. The AIA Northern Virginia is hosting the event for Architecture week. I guess I better shave and get some sleep. I give myself a 26% of both of those happening. I would definitely bet against me. I'll shave. Not promising the sleep. 

The minisplit condenser units installed. These will bring heat and cooling to 9 rooms throughout the house. Each room is individually controlled.