Day 72 - Workers Unite / by eric teran

Today is what three weeks should have looked like.  Now we are moving. Except for the plumber. Hopefully when I go back tonight I will see that he finished his work. I did met the tile installer but he couldn't start today. Mainly because there was not enough ready for him to make the effort and get set up. Tomorrow it will all be ready. It better. This is the hard part in maintaining a schedule on a fast pace. If one person doesn't complete their task there is a domino effect.

The decks are looking nice. They used a 6x6 post for the foundation instead of a 4x4 post. It will make it a little stronger. However the 6x6 was suppose to be used for the beams. They convinced me to go this route and on the beams to finish it with nice wood. More money. Why not. Construction is thought of as something that you build quickly and then you cover up all the structure/framing with a finish material. When I tell any of them that I want to expose the structure and just stain the wood they seems confused. I explain that it doesn't have to look perfect in that a piece of wood has no knots or character. It just has to look right.

Finally a proper entrance to the house. We used a composite deck from Timbertech.

I also spoke to a cable/internet guy on what I needed to do. I also asked my buddy Richie what I should do since he helped me do it in my home in Chino Hills 10 years ago. Finally I asked Herman the IT guy from work his thoughts. I settled on a cross between Richie and Herman and bought everything on Amazon tonight. I saved a few hundred dollar on labor and material and I will have Rudy run the lines on the weekend.

As far as the exterior goes the fence is awesome. And I am still in awe that he did it all in one day! Two guys. Quick story as it happened a few days okay and the reason I gave Edyn the fence installer the job. I was at Home Depot at 6:57 trying to load some 2x12x16' on top of my car. I did the first two but there was some complicated balancing going on. As gentlemen walks by and I ask for him. He politely obliges and the board is quickly on top of the car. That was that. Until 4:37 rolls around and I get a call from Rudy at the job site that someone wants to unload some stuff in my dumpster. Luckily I was on my way to the site so I told Rudy to tell him to wait for me. Before I pulled up I had made up my mind that I was going say no. That was until I saw the guy step out of his car. Who was it? Guess? The guy from Home Depot that morning who helped me load the 16' long 12" wide lumber on to my car. My no quickly changed to a yes and I told him why. As he was about to leave I asked what he did and fences was his reply. He gave me a quote and he was hired. The universe works in weird ways. it worked out great for me and our fence!

Maybe a fence is easy to install but not for me. 110' in one day. That includes clearing all the brush, rotted fence and cutting some branches. Not bad. Edyn Gonzalez is his name and fences are his game!

The stone guy is slowly working his way around the corner. He should be done this week with the base and next week he will finish the chimney. Next week I will also have my finally grading completed so that I can install my driveway and sidewalk. The sidewalk has a $5000 bound. I am not sure if I get it back once I complete the sidewalk or a year after completion. I guess I will soon find out.

I returned at night with Rudy to do some minor work. However when I got there to my horror Luis the carpenter did nothing. He just disappeared. We went over everything in the morning like we did on Sunday but today he got scared. I think the new modern way of installing cabinets scared him. His eyes glazed over when I explained how to hook up the cabinets to the wall. He looked lost. I guess it was enough to scare him off. Now I had to do this.

I left Rudy finishing the shower. He had to install some backer board, joint tape and finally waterproof the thing. I went to Home Depot to buy a fine blade for the circular saw to cut the IKEA panels for my kitchen island. Not too brag but it came out pretty good. Not perfect but good. I had to get enough done for the tile installers to do tomorrow.

So my electrical holes are a little messy but the panel cutting is nice. Oh so nice. That is Rudy on the right. 

Same goes for Rudy. He was waterproofing the shower and it smelled horrible! After a few minutes I was dying and he was in there for over a hour painting that stuff. I felt bad for him. The worst part is that it needs two coats!

Rudy and the waterproofing. Little by little. 

It was a long morning/day/night. Time for bed.