Day 66 - Not to be Confused with Day 99 / by eric teran

Another great day. I show up and there are around 8 guys working. However, upon closer inspection the two guys building the decks had no plans. My contact person never gave the worker's the plans. He said he emailed it to him but you can't work on plans off of an email. I am glad I got there on time or else they would have been cutting the wood however they wanted. Below is a detail of what they were going to build which is no longer allowed and then two new correct ways.

Prohibited beam to post detail. This puts all the load on the bolts and not the post. This can easily snap. Especially if there is a dance party right on top!

Correct detail. Either option works. This puts the load onto the post and not some 1/2" bolt. You can have multiple dance parties all night long!


Jose was backfilling which was fun to see. There still is a lot of dirt around the house and it will slowly be graded. Hopefully in 2-3 weeks. The stone installers were also doing their job. Luckily last night I remembered that we needed flashing over the deck ledger so I bought some and laid it out for him in an obvious fashion. Since he knows what he is doing he realized that he began adding the flashing with no further direction. I like that he knows what he is doing but he doesn't bring it up if he sees something wrong. 

Flashing installed above the deck ledger.

Finally Mike the electrician was there. He is slowly getting it done. I will be calling for inspection in the basement on Monday or Tuesday of next week. After that we can then install all the drywall.  I hope.