Day 67 - Rain / by eric teran

Rain and lots of it. Last time it rained there was a leak through the basement wall at the sill plate. I have no idea how it was getting through ff the building wrap was install. Once that is installed the house should be watertight. It doesn't look that way. The good news is that the two old leaks are no longer leaking after the stone was installed. Hopefully once we get the stone and siding installed it will enclose any leaks.

The rain stopped all the exterior work. Unlike when we built the vacation house in the jungle. We worked no matter what. If you stopped for rain you would be stopping every 27 minutes. We were soaked at the end of the day but it did not matter because it was so humid our sweat would trench our clothes anyway. Good times. More stories to follow on the jungle house.  Just need some time to write it down. Maybe after the baby is born as I am rocking him to sleep. Probably not.

A day of hard work after working all day in the rain and mud. Rain does not stop construction in the Amazon Jungle.

Working in the rain. These guys worked harder than anyone I know in construction. We did it all with our muscles. 

Almost forgot to mention the bad news which is sort of good news. There are two big fiber cement board companies for residential projects. They are Hardie and Allura. I choose Allura because that is what 84 Lumber had in stock and it was cheaper. The original delivery date was around March 10th. Then it was pushed back to March 24th. Just for fun they delayed it again until April 10th. As of yesterday it was still on schedule. As of noon today it was being delayed another two weeks! Before I could get mad they offered me the option to buy Hardie for the same price and they can deliver that the next day. No problem. In the end I will get a better product at the same time. The material doesn't have to show up until the 18th because the installer is not arriving until the 20th. However I will make sure it gets there around the 17th. It looked like the siding will be the last item we do on the exterior. Final grading might even be done before then.

Let's hope it does not rain tomorrow.