Day 65 - Crossing Off the List / by eric teran

To my surprise American Water was installing the water meter when I showed up at 8:00 am. What a great way to start off a Tuesday morning after compiling a to do list yesterday. The water company has to tap into the water line and then provide me a meter to tap into. I was hoping that they would go on the other side of the sidewalk but they didn't. I guess I will have to do that. At least there now is water. 

American Water and their contractor team digging my hole for water service. It is always exciting to see men working that you were not expecting to be there when you pull up to your house at 8:00 am.

They were finished by lunch time. Very efficient. The sewer trench paving is shown in the background.

The stone siding advanced another 20' and I'm happy on the way it looks. However, I realized that we forgot to put the flashing on top of the deck ledger. We will have to do that tomorrow or have the stone installer to avoid those areas for a day or two. Waterproofing is easily the most forgotten step in residential construction and yet is the most  important.

Stone siding slowly making progress. There are only two guys working so it should take another 5-8 days. I see an end in site!

I went to a store called Capital Tristate which is like a Home Depot but only for electricians. They have everything an electrician could ask for. I need 4/0 SER to connect my subpanels to the meter. The reason is that they are about 50' apart. I 100% blame the architect for this design flaw. It cost me an extra $210.84. As the Architect I blame aesthetics. 

This is 4/0 SER which is ridiculously heavy when you have to buy 70'. This was the Architect's fault that he designed the panel to be on the opposite side of the house where the meter is located. The Contractor happily submitted a Change Order. The Owner just handed over the credit card.