Day 50 - Tons of Stone / by eric teran

I showed up early at the site today to finish the cabinets. After a few hours of carefully lifting them into place and building a pony wall for the island I had a kitchen. At least the placement of a kitchen. 

While I was doing that Joe from Carbide Construction was beginning to remove all the temporary wood from the big sliding doors. Soon we will have the doors in place that were too big to place in the factory due to possible damage during transportation. Eventually these will be looking out onto a deck with a barbecue. I can't wait for those carne asadas!

Later in the afternoon I got a call from Fed Ex with the delivery of six boxes of stone totaling numerous tons. As is the case during construction there was an issue. The delivery driver only had a power jack which has no way of going over dirt. The only solution was to place each pallet along the street about an inch onto the property. Hopefully we move most of the stone in the next 1-2 days. I really hope so. Until then I placed some "Private Property" signs and reflectors on them.