Day 51 - Mistakes / by eric teran

Three things happened today. One good and two bad. The good was that we installed the 12'-0" sliding door that lets a lot of natural light in. The other two things, the bad things that happened today were not fun for my optimistic attitude. Dominion Power and IKEA cabinets.

Let's star with Dominion. They gave me a form on January 27 called a load letter. It was one page that requested some technical information. Fast forward to March 20th and I finally submitted the letter. They called me the next day and politely said it will be 6-8 weeks to get power! Noooooooooo!!!!! This is a worse case scenario. We will be ready to move in 4 weeks. This was my fault that it took so long to submit the form. However my electrician said he never had to fill out a form like that. I had to do most of it myself with the help of google. I wasted time and now it might cost us a few hundred bucks in rent for our current apartment.  Let's hope we can get power in 3-4 weeks. Stay optimistic!

Now let's talk IKEA cabinets and my dad's warning. Back in 2007 when we built our home in California we also used IKEA cabinets. Everything looked great until we tried to insert the refrigerator. The wall was not plumbed and we were of by ⅞". So when it came time to install these cabinets my dad kindly and jokingly reminded me of that event almost 10 years ago. I assured him that this time the mistake will not repeat itself. It did. At least this time it was before everything was installed. I tripled check my measurements. I needed 132" and they gave me 131-⅜". I reviewed the Excel Homes approved plan and it was not labeled as 132". I did not catch that discrepancy before Excel built the house in the factory or when I did the IKEA order. Luckily for me I will only have to return two cabinets and buy three news ones. A little bit more work but doable. I guess dad's are always right. Good thing that I am also a dad. Stay Optimistic!

The living room cleaned as the 12-0" sliding doors are installed. All looks good except for the cabinets being to wide. Good thing I caught the mistake in time.

Stone delivered yesterday. Slowly we moved them around the house.