Day 49 - I Found my Day Laborers / by eric teran

A simple test to know if someone is an intelligent hard worker. Ask them to do a task. A simple task. What is the result?
A) Do exactly what was expected.
B) Do an okay job but you have to finish it.
C) Do more than what you asked for and better than what you imagined.

Rudy and Miguel fall under category C. 

I needed help today to finish what we started yesterday. We have a lot on our plate. I sent Rudy to fix the silt fence before the city get upset. The silt fence serves to keep everything from the project on the property and not drain onto the street or neighboring properties. Miguel finished what Tim started yesterday in the master shower. Technically he almost finished. He still has some cement board to install. 

I on the other hand finished building the IKEA cabinet boxes. I was able to get it down to 9 minutes per box. Once you build the first one the rest are the same. That is the beauty of building with a system. 

Beautiful sunset on some beautiful cabinets. 

The three of us worked quickly and efficiently. I had one more hour of their time and one more hour before I told Daniela I would be back home. I reserved that last hour for window installation. Amazingly the three of us did it!!! 

I was inside placing the shims as Miguel and Rudy lifted the window into place. Amazingly the windows were perfectly level. The Superior Walls made everything level. Once again, systems make life easier!

Exterior view of installed window.

Being the Owner I have constant fights between the Architect/Contractor side of each decision. take for example the window in the photo above. Last night it rained and the liquid applied membrane did not dry in time. Now it is not as cleaned as desired. The Architect in me would tell the Owner not to accept this and have the Contractor redo it. The Contractor in me told me to cleaned it as much as possible and to reapply the liquid applied membrane. Regardless we have to do that anyone to cover all the holes from the nailing location. This time I as the Owner sided with the Contractor. However, the Architect brain definitely noted all this down for the day that water seeps through so I can say, "I told you so"