Day 130 - Oh Were o Where Art Thou? / by eric teran

6:36, text message, “I cannot show up until the afternoon. Walter”. Arrggggggggghhhhhhhh. One more time. Aaaaaasrrrrrrrrgghgggghhhhhhhh! I like the guy but ……..well you know.

 I started organizing the mechanical room so that it can be clean and ready to receive more stuff. With my back pain I can't do much. Daniela likes to tell me that pregnancy is worse so I don't complain much.

The flooring guys finished the flooring except for the part in front of the chimney because we have to install either stone, concrete, or steel. We will buy it shortly. Jose the carpenter showed up to install my steps for my deck since the other deck guys flaked out. He is good and professional and he expects the same back from me.