Day 131 - 197 lbs / by eric teran

I am going complain about my back again. Okay I am done complaining. Now I'll complain that I went to the doctors and their scale was way off. It had me listed at 197 lbs! Granted I had my jeans on so that is probably at least 13 pounds. Right? Right? Time to start losing weight ... right after I finish my coke. 

Jose showed up again to work in the deck and the stairs. He digs his footing holes with a power shovel and just uses the shovel to remove the dirt. Ingenious.

Pedro helping the deck installer while using a automatic shovel digger or something like that. All I know is that it dug dirt quick!

Martin the Painter was there but Hugo the drywaller was too occupied on another job but promised he will come tomorrow morning. Rudy was helping someone else and my back (so I mentioned it again) limited me to looking at things and hoping that they would magically put themselves together. For the record they did not.