Day 118 - Amazon and the Store not the Jungle / by eric teran

The plan was to go most of the day to the construction site. Instead we went to a botanic garden called Meadowlark in Northern Virginia. It is very nice. Very peaceful. On the way home I did stop at a computer store to look for the networking items I needed but they did not have it. I tried to buy from somewhere other than Amazon but I will have to resort to them for these purchases. Amazon has everything. Onwards to Home Depot where I bought some more stuff. Lots of stuff.

Meadowlark Botanic Gardens. It gave us a relaxing morning.

 I did manage to visit Rudy in the afternoon. I feel like it was a wasted day in terms of construction on the house because Rudy and a friend just painted the exterior but it was something that had to get done but it could have waited. For the exterior doors and trim at grade I will get Martin to do that. Rudy painted everything higher than 23.7 feet so the mistakes are not visible. At least not yet. In terms of being a productive family day it was was great!