Day 117 - Who Needs Electricity? / by eric teran

It did not rain but the ground was still to wet to do grading. The new schedule is to grade on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday. Martin did some painting but did not finish. He said there was more set up work than he thought. Not my problem. The good thing is that he will be done tomorrow or so he says.

 Scooter and Thermal Comfort LLC showed up in the morning and installed the final three units in the basement. The house now has heating/cooling and power. We might be able to move in soon.

The last mini-split unit installed. Even though ugly as it stick out of the wall the effincency and quietness will make up for it.

 Mike the electrician was there and he finally combined all the wires from the subpanel to the wires coming in from all over the house. I gave him a few cover plates for the fixtures we have yet to pick out. We just don't have time to look for them. Actually we did buy the dining room chandelier over a year ago but it never arrived because it went out of stock. So we never found another one. Light is over rated anyway. When I traveled throughout Africa 90% of the places did not have electricity. We would fall asleep about an hour after sunset and wake up with the sunrise. It just made sense. We would get a full night sleep. Good times!

All my wires connected from the prefab portion of the home from the wires coming from the sub panels. Lots of connections.