Day 57 - I'm too Nice / by eric teran

It seems to be that my weekends are more successful than the weekday. Probably because I am there. Mike the electrician finished his part, the mini split are all installed and Walter the plumber said he would be there in the afternoon. Not bad However my drywall and stone guy failed to show up. I need the stone to get started ASAP!  

What I hate is that they say they will be there tomorrow but it is more like a week. I can't schedule properly if this keeps happening. The problem is that I am stuck because I don't know too many sub-contractors that can do these jobs for a good price. Who am I going find? I guess when it comes time to pay I will take my time. For the next project I will look for more guys and eventually have a list of 2-3 guys for each job. Daniela also says I'm too nice. If they don't get there act together I'm going get Daniela and her Latina temper on them. That will scare them. 

Out water pipe waiting for it meter. How lonely it is until you find the right partner. Hopefully they meet in the next two weeks.

Daniela did manage to find all the appliances today and they should arrive on Saturday at the house. This is very exciting!  She did buy stuff that was more expensive than I would have but it is 1,000 times nicer and much better quality. No argument here. Plus she cooks really fantastically amazingly stupendous scrumptious good food. If that is what she wants for the kitchen then she can have it. Happy Wife Happy Life. Happy Tummy Happy Eric.

Oh, oh oh I almost forgot ... my revision for my backfill was approved. I just have to go to the city and pay $100. That is far cheaper than purchasing 20 tons of #57 stone.