Day 56 - Back to Work / by eric teran

Today I worked. I also brought Rudy and Miguel. There is a lot to do. Where to start? How about a list.

1. Finish waterproofing the basement windows.
2. Install cement backer board at the master bathroom wall next to the tub.
3. Install the conduit for electrical to run from the house ton the garage.
4. Finish the master bath shower to be flush with the rest of the bathroom. It looks like they did not do it right. I and will only know if I take the stuff apart. This is to be a steam shower so extra measures are necessary.
5. Finish the kitchen cabinets and island.
6. Fix the kitchen exhaust.
7. Frame a few places around the house that were built incorrectly.
8. Fix and straighten the egress walls.

Lots to do. We got through items 1, 2, 5 and began items 4, 6 and 7. It was a long day.

Rudy had to cut the floor to get to the damaged kitchen exhaust. This should be completed in a day.

Pedro and the neighbor's friend having fun with rocks and mud. They actually covered a lot of the mud areas so that it was easier to walk across. They did a great job!