Day 13 - Signs / by eric teran

The inspector told us yesterday that he did not like the permits being tapped to the port-o-potty. I was use being resourceful. Today I made a sign with Pedro that contains the address and a spot to tape the permits. Pedro and I spent some quality father and son time at Home Depot. We buy the bare minimum to make a sign. However, we do purchase a post hole digger that I found out is amazing! To dig holes for a post this is the tool.

Always wearing a hard hat and vest for safety. We don't want OSHA to get mad at us.

The right tool for the job makes an enormous difference on getting things done efficiently and correctly. I can't wait to make more post holes or hire someone to do it. We also purchase some pretreated 4x4 post, plywood and nails. Time to make a sign! As I used the post hole digger Pedro would take out the dirt. Great team. After 20 minutes we had a hole for a post. We would have been done sooner but we hit a rock and that took awhile to get out. We spray painted the address onto the plywood sheet and lifted it into place. Our sign was complete! Check that off of our list. 

We also completed the excavation of the footings and installed the remaining drain pipe. The reason lots of drain pipes are place flat rather than with a slope is that the slope of the drain pipe may be installed incorrectly so that water does not flow correctly. You can see this on the bottom right of the photo where the pipe goes up around the corner. This is bad. I'm glad I saw this before the gravel was installed and they fixed it.

We still have a mound of gravel left but this will not cover the entire basement as had hoped. I will probably have to order another 40 tons.