Day 155 - Driveway Again / by eric teran

LCS showed up today to finally fix the driveway that was destroyed by the dumpster company. At first I thought we would just replace the 3'-0" that was completely destroyed from the sidewalk to the property line. However, LCS noticed that the driveway apron was also cracked and the curb was chipped. I agreed we should replace that as well. Now we were replacing 50% of the driveway. All good so I thought. 

Saw cutting the damaged areas. 

When I come home from work I find the guys still there and the entire driveway had been replaced! It turns out that the TES (transportation and environmental services) inspector drove by and he demanded that everything be replaced! Not just the damaged areas. This has to be completely to pass TES final inspection so they had no option. I found this to be ridiculous and a waste of material, time and money but there is not much one can do when the city inspector requests it. 

I guess I have a brand new driveway. This time I have cones and trash cans in front of it so no one (even me) drives over it for three to four days.