Day 145 - Microwave / by eric teran

The survey team was suppose to give me an answer today and they did not. Stressed? Yes.

Back to the microwave:

9. Remove top two rows of tile.
10. Extend exhaust hood 3.75” and tape new 90 degree turn.
11. Cut new hole for electrical box.
12. Tape up all the holes in the drywall. Not the best way but the quickest way.
13. Drill holes into cabinet so that screws, power cord, and outlet pass through. After halfway through the first hole I realize that I need to mirror the holes. Almost made too many holes. I am glad I double checked.
14. Install cabinet
15. Install microwave bottom plate.
16. Screw IKEA cabinet together.
17. Call brother-in-law to help lift up the microwave in place.
18. Professionally slide everything into place as though it was your 5th time doing it. Wait it is. I can now do this in my sleep.
20. Screw in screws to the top of microwave
21. Put cabinet doors on and level them as close as possible so Daniela doesn't notice it
22. Clean everything
23. Clean everything again.
24. Plug in microwave and hope it works because the breaker labeled microwave was not for the microwave so it popped when I inserted the wiring.
25. Marvel at my accomplishment for a moment until I move onto the next item on the checklist.
26. Time for bed.