Day 144 - Ikea ... we meet again / by eric teran

It is Thursday and now it is just a waiting game until we get our certificate of occupancy. In the meantime we are unpacking boxes and finishing all the small items that never get finished and fixing mistakes like the microwave. The same microwave that took forever to install.

The other day Daniela was in front of the microwave and our friend Marianna looks at Daniela and says, “how are you going reach the microwave? It is to high!”  No one ever noticed this. What went wrong. When I designed the IKEA cabinets I installed the cabinet labeled to be installed over the microwave. The only problem I did not realize was that went with the 36” high cabinets. We ordered the 42” high cabinets so we are about 6” too high.

I took Pedro and Demi (Daniela's brother) to IKEA and I bought a bigger cabinet and returned the small one. I love the USA in that you can return anything. This switch was time consuming but easy to do as this was the fourth time I had to adjust the microwave. These were the steps:

  1. Remove microwave

  2. Cut an inch of drywall above cabinet that was locking it in place

  3. Remove strip lighting above cabinet

  4. Remove cabinet

  5. Admire all the holes in the wall from before

  6. Remove microwave bottom plate.

  7. Built new IKEA cabinet

  8. Time for bed