Day 141 - 1/2" / by eric teran

Today I finally got the survey that was taken on Wednesday and found out that the house is ½” to tall. Yup. That is right. Only 1/2". The size of a quarter is 1". The size of a dime is 5/8". The house is only 1/2" to high at the ridge.

This means that they could not certify the survey.

The top of the highest ridge is 1/2" too high from the latest survey. We will be getting another survey done to verify that finding. Hopefully they were wrong. 

Imagine that for ½” I would not be able to get my certificate of occupancy. Since it was so minor they decided that they would send out another survey crew on Wednesday and redo the survey. Hopefully it works when they go out there again. I need some good news after being at the hospital all day and night with Daniela and Tadeo.

Actually I did get good news in that Tadeo was responding to the LED photo therapy.