Day 139 - Hammocks / by eric teran

Jose worked on completing the deck. It is taking shape and looking good. We had to add two post at the back because I did not provide for an attachment to the wall before the siding was placed. I knew this would come back and cost me. However I had too many things going on at the time to properly figure this out. If only the Architect had drawn it on his plans or the Contractor worked it out. Damn them! 

Another issue was that Dominion Power electric company did not want me to build the deck until they ran their underground conduits and I had to get the siding started and could not wait for the deck. One delay ruins many other aspects of a construction job. Next time my Excel sheet will be more detailed.   

Anyway the extra post and beam went up. I might have to add some 45 degree wood angles to supports the structure so that it does not sway. I will see what happens when I install the hammocks.

The house looking like a house!