Day 138 - Grass / by eric teran

Today was the day the house finally looked like a house ready to move into for one simple reason. The sod was installed! I went with LCS again and just like before they came through with flying colors. They are a well oiled machine in that each member has a job and they do it professionally. I do not even have to be there. They know what to do.

Sod starting to get placed after the morning crew cleaned the site. Notice how smooth the dirt looks. 

The morning crew consisted of four workers who prepared the site by using a bobcat, racks and shovels. Mainly they had to level the site smooth so that the grass would lay evenly throughout the site. After four hours they had enough waste to load into a dump truck. That included rocks, leaves, foliage and lot's of trash. The property looked nice.

Around 1:00 pm another four guys came and they proceeded to install over 9,000 SF of grass! You could tell the rookies from the seasoned pros because the pros would unroll the grass going back to the grass and it would line up perfectly. No bending over. With a team of eight guys the site was covered with grass by 5:45 pm and the watering began.

Sod being installed along the side yard. The sad part is that I have to fix the window wall retaining wall so I will have to rip up some grass and replace some wood. Lesson learned. 

Due to the heat (over 90 degrees) I will have to water the grass twice a day for 2 to 3 weeks. That is a lot of grass and water. Then for another 2 weeks once a day. By then the grass should take root to the main soil and easily maintain its lush greenery for years to come with the rain from the sky.

Pedro was enthralled with the process. He sat observing for a good 30 minutes before he decided to get out there and start covering the strips with one of the workers. He worked with the guy for a good 45 minutes. I love the fact that Pedro likes to get dirty outside.

People are now stopping in front of the house to admire its beauty or betting if the grass will survive this summer. 

They worked from 7:30 am to 6:28 pm and it looks good. They did an excellent job. Of course it was LCS!

We also did work on the interior other than cleaning and unpacking. Clear View Glass and Mirror installed the master bathroom shower glass/door. It looks good and it really traps the heat in the shower. It is going make for a great steam shower. Now we just have to wait to use it.