Day 137 - Going Home / by eric teran

Thermal Comfort discovered that one of their condensation lines was pushed back onto the wall when the siding was placed. They could have also forgotten to install it. I'm going have to look at my photos and hopefully I took a photos of that area because I want to know who to send the repair invoice to. Either the siding guys or Thermal Comfort. They had to make some holes in the ceiling and walls to fix the issue. No more indoor Waterfall.

This is an old photo before the siding was installed. All the way at the back of the wall near the corner there is a white PVC pipe coming out. There should have been another PVC pipe above that one in the siding area. This photo proves that the condensing pipe was never installed at the exiting area.  

The other exciting news for the day ... Daniela and Tadeo came home.