Day 136 - Leak / by eric teran

The survey team came by in the morning to complete the height certification and porch/deck location on their survey. Once I receive their survey I will be able to submit that to the city for the certificate of occupancy. I just hope we built everything to match what was approved by the city.

As far as construction work we had Hugo the drywaller patch some remaining holes and Martin the Painter paint some baseboards and shoe molding. Martin did discover a water issue. It looks like one of the condensation lines from the mini split units is not discharging properly. The water is seeping into the basement. A lot of it! Thermal Comforts tells me to turn off some units and that they will be there tomorrow. It has to be the mini-split because when it rained it did not get this yet on the inside. 

Water dripping from the top of the window. Where is it coming from?

All I know is that the water is not coming in from the outside.