Day 132 - Parrilla / by eric teran

Jose carpenter showed up today to continue the foundation of the last two decks. One deck is located on the side yard coming from the kitchen and the other along Fillmore avenue which is the main deck. Hopefully one day this will contain a barbecue. A real Argentinian barbecue because this is a parrillada!!!

So it probably will not be like this but wouldn't that be cool!

It will be more like this. A barbecue has to have wood or coal or something other than gas. That is where the flavor comes from. This looks good. I'm off to go eat meet. 

We need to get the deck done ASAP to get my survey completed to get my planning department approval to get our certificate of occupancy to get our final construction loan payment and finally move in!

Deck exiting the kitchen and onto the side yard. 

Step by step.