Day 128 - My Back did WHAT!?!?!? / by eric teran

Today we had our first final inspection. Walter the plumber let me down by not finishing so I can't turn on the water. He did come last night for a few hours after I threatened to not pay him and find someone else. The problem I see with this is that he respond at that moment but then the next day he doesn't show up to finish. I wish he would just dedicate 3 to 4 days on our house and be done. Granted I gave him two vanities that were complicated to build plumbing into but he saw what he was dealing with.

The master bathroom vanity installed. It was extremely heavy. I'm glad it came in three pieces. Also, if anyone knows whose jacked that is please let me know. It has been hanging around forever. 

Guess who else let me down and I finally broke ties with. Juan José from the very beginning. He was going be my main guy but he kept disappearing and never confirming anything. I finally had enough after his deck guys could no longer come this morning. He said they would be first thing this morning. So I had my survey team scheduled to come in the afternoon because they have to survey the deck structure. After numerous phone calls he finally calls back and says they can't make it. They might be able to show up tomorrow. I tell him to forget it! I call Jose who installed my doors and entry Porch ceiling. He is more expensive but he is a man of his word and does a very good job.

The inspector wants to see a few things. Mainly for life safety in that there is an easy way to enter/exit the home. They also want to see all of our utilities working. Oh so close to passing.

So close to old age. In the morning I was digging and using a pickaxe for 37 minutes and was feeling young and golden. Until I bent down to pick up the tape measure and my lower back muscle tightened up and did not want to loosen up. I am closer to old than to young and I felt it. However, I stayed until 7:00 pm but more as a supervisor than a worker bee. We stayed late because I made Rudy and Roberto move all the boxes from the living room to either the second floor or basement. We have to clear out the floor so that we can install the wood floor tomorrow on the 1st floor. We have so much stuff! We basically filled up the entire house. How is that possible? Our house is 3 times bigger than our old apartment. Hopefully we don't fill up this house that much.

Furniture and boxes in our room. We are starting to look like a finished project. 

Loading up some baseboard and shoe molding. Yes I have tortured my car throughout this process.