Day 127 - Pervious Driveway / by eric teran

The flooring guys were back working on the basement. We agreed on laminate flooring in the basement which I found for 0.68 cents a square foot over dying the concrete slab. Very cheap! The good thing is that it looks really good for a basement.

Basement flooring being installed.

Rudy and Roberto came today to finish the pervious driveway and a few minor items that the inspector wanted me to finish. I showed up at the end of the day and parked on the driveway! Very exciting. We did go with the ½” gravel because I think it looks nicer rather than the ¾”. However I am told that the ¾” compacts better. I guess we'll find out.

Two reasons why I did a pervious driveway. 
1. It allowed us not to count the driveway's 640 square feet towards the Chesapeake Bay Storm Drainage Runoff. This runoff is calculated by adding up all the nonpervious areas such as slabs, house, roof, etc and a fee is given. They argue that since the water can no longer drain on site then it has to drain to the storm drainage system and I get to pay for the additional runoff. This is a one time fee. Another option is to build a catch basin but those are also expensive. 
2. The oak tree on the top right of the photo next to the port-o-potty has roots under the driveway. If I had built a concrete driveway those roots would no longer receive water. 
3. I know I said two but I just thought of this and it was much cheaper doing it this way. The pervious driveway cost around $3,000 including material and labor. A concrete driveway was around $5,000. 

Hyundai should do their next commercial on my driveway!

 Almost forgot to mention, Walter showed up. Granted it was 5:00 pm but he showed up.