Day 126 - Gravel and the Grid / by eric teran

I wanted to get the previous driveway completed yesterday but I couldn't so today we will focus on that. Today I have Rudy, Giovanni and Juan working and I am going to wear them out. The dirt is still a little wet from all the rain the last two weeks so we will see what happens. There might be a few soft spots. 

Step 1: Smoothing out the dirt and compacting
Step 2: Pacing the side edges
Step 3: Installing the filter fabric at the base
Step 4: Installing 4" of gravel

Step 5: Installing Trugrid paving system (black plastic on left hand of photo)
Step 6: Install more gravel into the Trugrid interlocking system.

Mike the electrician was also here today wrapping stuff up so that we can pass final inspection. He has earned his way back onto my good team list. He also realized this morning that the oven is electric and we are not wired for an electric oven! I didn't realize that it need something more than a typical outlet which was already there. I'm glad he saw it. The bad news was that he said we would have to rip up lots of drywall in the ceiling below. The good news is that I remember that we ripped up the floor to have ceiling access when we did the kitchen exhaust vent. I told Mike that I would get him the lines were he needed it to be if he would install the electric part. 

The wire starts at the top left of the photo below the kitchen cabinets. It then snakes it was under the wall and pops up at the top center of the photo. Then the wire travels to the bottom of the photo where it will go to the right of the photo under the floor and into the basement mechanical room. I am glad the wire was hard enough that we could snake it through the floor joists. I'm really glad they gave us open floor joists!!!

The flooring guys were back finishing the second floor. It is looking good and it really makes the house look almost complete. Almost.

More flooring being installed today. We are nailing the floor into the wood base.

I gave Walter an ultimatum today. Either show up tomorrow or I will find someone else and pay them his remaining fee. I am glad I still have a lot left for his fee to entice him to finally finish the job.