Day 125 - Nyloplast!!! / by eric teran

Rudy and Giovanni came today to help finish installing the storm drains. Rudy had to dig down to find the main drain line to the street. It buried him. It was about 54” deep. Yesterday I went with Pedro to pick up the 12” nyloplast drain. These drains are custom made and this one cost around $800. I helped Rudy do the final installation and throwing dirt back into a hole is a lot easier than trying to take it out.

The 12"  Nyloplast drain and Rudy. All the house water will drain into the 4" connection up top and exit at the 6" connection going to the main storm drain line. The drain is over 5' tall. 

On the other side of the lot Giovanni was digging the last trench for the storm drain lines from the porch roof. Now all our roof water will drain to a gutter to a downspouts to an underground drain line into the nyloplast storm basin and then into the main storm drain line in the middle of the street. All in all this system cost about $7500. Thank you Chesapeake Bay and your need for non-polluted water. 

We finally started installing the hardwood floors. Finally! Progress definitely. However the flooring guys, Rudy and Giovanni all left around 14:30 to go watch the finals of the champions league match between Real Madrid and Juventus. Soccer finally came back to bite me in the ass. I could not make a fuss because I always had soccer first.

We have WOOD!!!