Day 97 - Moving on Up / by eric teran

Moving day and we have so much stuff. I don't know how. Two Russian kids show up with a yellow Penske truck. They did alright except for complaining that the new house house a little bit of mud. We moved all the boxes to the living room area and it took up the entire space. Maybe I should leave it as an art installation called, “valuables and other useless junk”

We finished the move around 15:00. The entire time the painters kept working on the upper floors. It turns out that they painted until midnight last night. Crazy guys (and girl) but their five day timeline has been cut back to 3 days. They should wrap up tomorrow. I found my painting crew.

Almost all the remaining stuff in our house. We used so many boxes and garbage bags. The agony of money.

We stayed in the apartment for one more night. There was still stuff to pack and a few things we forgot to give to the Russians. We all slept in the living room watching a movies. Good times!

Almost all of our stuff. Right when I almost had the living room completely cleared of everything we are back to the beginning.

While we were moving I did not have the guys stop working. We do not have the luxury of wasting a day of work. Martin and his crew kept painting the second floor and Hugo and his team were installing drywall in the basement. Amazingly both of them finished by the end of the day. Martin and Hugo welcome to the team!

Basement drywall finally installed. It now looks like a room and somewhere someone could live. It no longer looks like a dungeon. However, I still have one storage room that does so I can still use that as a threat when Pedro and Tadeo are misbehaving.