Day 94 - Sound / by eric teran

Not much going on today. Other than the masons finally finished. It looks good but I wasted about a grand or more on buying the pieces twice as big as I needed. Another lesson learn. Too many lessons learned in my opinion.

Stone sill installed. I should have used this flagstone for the water table and saved some money. Always learning.

Home Depot also delivered all the insulation and drywall but forgot a few things. I just need to buy a big rig so that I can bring everything myself. Every time Home Depot delivers they forget something. I bought wool rock insulation to install in the basement ceiling. Not for heating or cooling but for sound. I don't want the people below to hear all our footsteps or the dog running around. Of course I did not include this in the original budget. This was a $1k add on. This is an item that will never be seen or known of but it will be greatly appreciated. At least I will know.

104 drywall pieces into the basement. That can't be fun.