Day 116 - POWER pump it UP! / by eric teran

Finally it has arrived. Power! Electricity! Guess what. It took 8 weeks to get. they told me 6-8 and it took 8. What is a guy to do but wait and wait and just wait. Now I just have to get my gas line approved. Onto the next item and then the next. 

000000kw! Going fire this puppy up!  

I'm sure something else happened today but who cares. I know that I have something arriving tomorrow but not sure what. It might be the first half of my wood floor order. Maybe. 

For those of you who have been reading this and checking up on the blog daily I did slack off the last two weeks. Life was just too busy. I'm caught up and ready to go. At least for a day or two. The baby might come soon and I have to get Tadeo's room ready!