Day 114 - Rain Ruined The Day / by eric teran

Final grading was suppose to take place today. Instead it rained. It looks like it well rain sporadically all week. That sucks because we need at least two days of sunshine so that the ground is dry to do the final grading. I have just one thing to say to the rain, "Stop It!"

Actually it did not rain too much throughout the day but it rained a lot throughout the night. We actually accomplished a lot today.

Rudy and a friend continued to install the storm drain lines. I finally found a place to build the costume drain basin. I did not realize that it was going be costume and the pipes were so big. If you are curious to see what it will look like go to Nyloplast. With shipping it cost around $750. 

The good thing about having the water drain directly to the storm drain is that the yard will not fill up with mudd. 

Guess who else came today. Just guess. Do It! Dominion!!!! The power company installed a new pole and the meter should be set later today or tomorrow. We will soon have power. Now my plan to take over the world may begin.

Martin and his team where setting everything up to paint and Jose had his tile guys doing their thing. Little by little it is getting done. Soon. 

Painting set up and primer being completed. The smell of freshly made paint!

These boxes of True Grid will soon be my driveway. Very soon. As soon as the grading is completed. These are part of the pervious system. This cost us a cool $1,100. Once you add in the gravel and some labor it will cost around $2,000 for the driveway. Not bad.