Day 113 - Starts and Ends with Home Depot / by eric teran

How does one start the day off on a rainy Monday after walking a dog. They go to Home Depot of course. I was exciting because I was returning lots of items so I would get some money back on the credit card. Feels good to get $250 back. Then I went and spent $1,017. That included lights, paint, door knobs and a lot of other items. The good thing is that they are having a Memorial Day Sale that includes $40 off 5 gallons of paint. That means I should be getting back $300. Woohoo! That woohoo was sort lived as I got to the house and no one was there. I guess the rain made everyone sleep in. I was the unlucky soul who got to unload all the items into the house. 5 gallons of paint weighs a lot. Rudy finally showed up before I left and I gave him a few instructions.

We did not pass the gas inspection. The problem was that I dry walled the ceiling so that the inspector could not see the gas line and how it was routed to the exterior. DUHHHH!!!! So I had Rudy cut a hole in the drywall and called for inspection again for tomorrow. Please Please Please pass!

Instead I'll think of the $1,750 I got back at IKEA from returning various parts that I no longer needed or they delivered incorrectly. I was also told to just keep the items that were wrongly delivered rather than returning. IKEA will never pick up a wrongly ordered item (according to these employees) because it admits a mistake. They would just rather give you a new one. They told me to just keep the extra pieces. those extra pieces are around $500. Craigslist here I come! However, the guy who told me this also ordered the wrong cover panels for me. Luckily while I was in the return line I opened the cover panels and discovered his error. This was at 20:53 and they closed at 21:00! Time was of the essence. My Addidas Samba took me 500 yards and up a flight of stairs back to the IKEA kitchen section were there was still one employee. I made sure she ordered the correct one. At 20:59 I rushed back to the return line and made it just in time to grab another number. Needless to say ... I am out of shape.

Jose the tile guy showed up ... late, Martin's painting crew showed up ... late, Mike the electrician showed up ... late but they all showed up. I guess. Stay Positive. The good news is that the master bathroom vanity that we ordered arrives tomorrow! I'll focus on that instead.

This is how water pools up on my property if not drained correctly. For it to seep through the dirt takes days. This is about 17.47" deep. We need to finalize the grading ASAP but it keeps raining!