Day 112 - A Cemetery is Born / by eric teran

Rudy and his two friends were back today to keep digging the trench for the storm drain. It looks like my way will cost about $1,200 in labor and $800 in parts and take about three days with my supervision. I did get two quotes for the same work and both were over $10,000. I think I would have hired Jose the excavator to dig the trenches in a day rather than using man power and losing those two extra days of digging. Sometimes time is more important. After all time is all we got.

It looks like Comcast doesn't care about my time because they ran their cable to the wrong side of the house. I spoke to the cable guy for 10 minutes on the location and they don't do what we agreed to. Instead we ripped the line out of the dirt (it was only 6" - 12" buried) and we placed it to where I want it. Let's hope they are okay with this because I had a hell of a time placing my end under the deck. I did the dirty work and crawl on my back for 20'-0" under the deck to install a conduit to run the coaxile wire. It sucked.

I also planned to install the gutters and downspouts today. However, I have to go buy a cutting tool for the gutters. I tried a hacksaw but there was no way that would work. I need to go to Home Depot and buy another tool. I did get on the 28'-0" ladder and climbed to the top and realized that it is high. The legs shake a little at that height. I'm getting old. I think I might have to hire a gutter installer.

It is only 26 feet but standing on top of that ladder is kind of high. I'm also getting old. 

By the end of the day Rudy and his boys were tired so they stopped after 8 hours. Pedro and I kept working. First we built a cemetery for Jesus (yup, that Jesus and not your gardner Jesus) and then I taught him how to use a level. Pedro made sure all the storm drain was properly leveled and we started backfilling. He would get tired and wanted to take a rest but I kept going. He didn't want to be left behind so he would get back up and start digging with me. I had to stop in order for him to take a break that he really needed. It was nice to see how hard he wants to work in front of me. Hopefully he slowly learns to do it own his own.

Turning Pedro into a hard worker!