Day 111 - A Hammer Two Pick Axes and Three Day Laborers / by eric teran

I had Rudy bring two friends to help dig some trenches for the storm drain. They are only 4" wide but will slope from 12" to 36" deep over a 125' run. Before they could start I made them clean some of the site and had Rudy once again fix the silt fence. The silt fence has gotten its ass kicked! No one respect its. People see it more of an inconvienance than helping control the pollution that goes into the storm drains. I see it as both.

The storm drain is somewhere down there. About 48" down. We have to connect the roof drains directly to the storm drain. this was an extra $5k spent. This was an expense I realized at the time of getting my grading plans approved all thanks for the Chesapeake Bay.

The ADS N12 pipe with 1/8" per foot slope. This is the high end. Additional dirt will be placed here during final grading. 


While they were digging and cleaning I was finishing up the IKEA kitchen cabinets. Oh so close. I did finish everything that I could. The rest I need to go buy at IKEA and return a lot of the stuff as well. I was able to build the IKEA bathroom vanity for the basement. It looks nice and was the same model as the 2nd floor bathroom. I did not attach it to the wall yet because I want them to paint and tile in there first. Other than that I did a lot of small jobs around the house and bought some great Peruvian Chicken from the Chicken Place. Strikingly Great Taste! Mom and Dad remind me to take you there when you come visit after Tadeo is born. Yummmmmmmy.

I also saw Rudy climbing to the top of the ladder to paint the eaves. I want these painted so that we can install the gutters. Rudy is a short guy and to accommodate that he grabbed a pole and taped the brush to the end of it and was able to reach the majority of the eave. The only problem was that there was still some plastic left on the eaves! Arrrrrgh. Time to call Dave the contractor to fix it.

Rudy bravely painting the eaves. Eventually all the eaves and trim will be terratone to match the windows. Eventually.