Day 110 - Linear Foot / by eric teran

The photo is of a church that is across the street from the hotel we are staying at. It is also a church that I faintly remember about 30 years ago when we traveled to DC with my family. I took a photo of the spire and it was one of my favorite as a kid. I thought it was huge and stretched to the sky. I never thought of it again until I moved to DC 6 years ago. I knew it was somewhere in DC but never knew where. Until this morning when I realized that this was the church spire that I admired in awe. 

Jose the carpenter needed more casing so I got him more casing. Insted of going to the HD I went to Smoot. I used them once before for some liquid waterproofing material and will use them for now on to buy casing, trim, moulding, etc. I bought casing from them for $0.39 a liner foot! You read that right! I dare you to look online for a similar price. You can't! So don't waste your time. I dropped it all off at the house and met Jose as I was leaving. He showed me all the extra work he had to do on installing the doors because the rough framing was all wrong. It was bad. This was Juan and his guys. Frustrating indeed. I agreed to pay Jose a little more.

Doors installed. I also realized that I now need door knobs! More money. My next home is going be on the beach with 75 degree weather year round and I'm only building a platform with a roof. No walls or doors or windows. Just an open space and that is it. Pee in ocean and cook on a grill.