Day 109 - Welcome to the 21st Century / by eric teran

My cell phone died. It finally died. Why is this a big deal? Because it was the last of a dying breed. It was actually just a phone. It took photos but they were worthless. This phone was at least 7 years old and a friend from work gave it to me. It did not connect to the internet. It was a cell PHONE. I was happy with it. Even when the kids laughed at me or the beggars on the street corner looked at me weirdly with this old technology. I had no other option...I had to get a new phone ... sort of. I bought the Iphone 7 and gave that to Daniela and she gave me her Iphone 6. The really cool thing about this phone is that it works both in the left or right hand. Amazing! They thought of everything! FYI my best pose is on my left ear.

My new Iphone taking a photo of my old phone. It was vintage and it worked. Most of the time. Never in an elevator or near the Pentagon for some reason. I was waiting for technology to just plant a chip in my brain but I guess I'll start using a smart phone.

I guess I'll talk about the house. Jose the carpenter went to work on the basement doors. I want him to do the two remaining decks as well but he charges way too much. He definitely would be better but I don't have that much money. You get what you pay for. I know the doors will be good and I know that Jose cleans up his mess. Now if I could get all the workers to do that.

I finally ordered the master bathroom cabinet that Daniela liked. We went through a lot of them and we choose one that will look great in our bathroom. I guess we would be dumb if we picked one that didn't go well. Our bathroom might look too nice that I will not want to get it dirty. Maybe we can all use Pedro and Tadeo's bathroom instead. Especially the next day after Burritos (see below for the biggest burrito I've eating). At least that way we will only have to clean one bathroom. Not a bad idea. Let's see if Daniela will go for it. Ordering online is tricky and hard because you don't really know how the material looks or feels. Just like everything else there are pros and cons. Let's hope it turns out well. The good thing is that it comes with the cabinets, counter, sinks, faucets and mirror. One stop shopping.

One big burrito! I ate it all but I was only 30 then and played lots of soccer. This would kill me if I had one tonight. Good Times in Caye Caulker, Belize. Remind me to tell you some day the story of Belize City and the hurricane.