Day 108 - We have WOOD and Concrete can SNAP! / by eric teran

Daniela finally picked out a wood floor by taking all our samples to the house and seeing it with the cabinets, painted walls and the light shining in. This will be the last big purchase. Getting close but it is all the little things that will be a pain.

This is the brand and price per SF. in 10 days or less we will have wood floors. I swear it. 

I tell the dumpster company that they cannot replace the dumpster until Thursday. I even gave them both reasons. One the concrete would not be dry yet and on Wednesday I would be moving more dirt in front of the concrete so that there was not a big step. Guess who did not communicate that to the dumpster driver? Luckily for me I told them verbally and by email. They agreed to pay for the damages. 

This is what happens when you don't listen! Let that be a lesson to all of you.

The great news is that Jose the excavator finally finished back filling the side yard! Miracles do happen. Look how pretty this looks. Just look at it. Okay, stop looking at it or else you will notice all the mistakes. This will most likely be the space where we will let Shadow poop. 

Finally Jose finished backfilling the side yard. The post still bends in a little but we will call it :character"