Day 107 - Another List / by eric teran

Not much happened today after Walter spend all day there yesterday. Once again he was gone. He still needs to do 2 small things. It let's hope they get done sooner rather than later.

Today I tried to organize the last few pieces and buy the last few items.


  • Backfill by Jose will be done on Wednesday. Finally that will be done.

  • Mike will finish all the electric on Wednesday.

  • Roof gutters and downspouts install on Saturday

  • On Sunday we will I installing the downspouts to the storm drain.

  • Sometime over the weekend I will finish the IKEA cabinets.

  • On Sunday I will be installing the cable/internet box for Comcast to connect to.

  • Jose the carpenter will install all basement doors over the weekend.

  • On Monday we will be painting the basement.

  • final grading will take place on Tuesday the 22nd

  • And so much more

The steam shower kit installed. Daniela is going like this! She better because she demanded it.

Washer and Dryer installed! Yes the washer slightly block the sub-panel. On the plans there was only one panel so that kind of sucks but I'll worry about that later. Today I am happy that they are installed!