Day 106 - Sidewalk / by eric teran

Someone with a bobcat dump truck and 4 guys were out there this morning doing something in the street. No idea what? It was in the same vicinity as the water meter. They were repairing the street. Who knows? As long as I am not charged for it.

I met the cable guy and we agreed on what needs to get done. I have to do a little bit more work than what I wanted to do. I need to call Rudy.

The drywall guy was also there doing the sanding. It looks good. Drywall guys are quick. I like Hugo's team.

In the evening while I waited for Jose the carpenter to give me a price on some work on the basement I managed to finish one more cabinet for the IKEA kitchen. One cabinet at a time. Only two to go.

Finally ... finally ... finally .... Amazingly the one and only Walter showed up. Finally. He does good work but he is not reliable. He has too many jobs going on at the same time. I am not sure if I would hire him again. Maybe if I wrote in the contract the completion dates and any liquidated damages for going past the due date. I will admit that I did not have all of my stuff ready for him. 

This is what happens when the dirt does not let water seep through. It stays muddy and slowly there is a natural pond. Maybe I'll start a community fish farm.