Day 92 - Still Here / by eric teran

gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg ... that is what I typed at 23:54 in need of sleep. 

This is what I wrote on the bus ride to pick up the car this evening: 

When someone wants to get paid they show up right away! Juan was there to collect the money for the stone work. I also begged him to get Jose out here to finish the back fill and clean up his stuff. Let's see if he gets out there this week.

Hugo the drywall installer also  showed up. Finally! It looks like we can finally get the process of painting the upper floors this week. Now we just have to go buy the paint.

The stone ledgers guys failed to show up again. The excuse this time was that the second installer showed up too late to the carpool location and they would have been stuck in traffic. A 30 minute ride would become 1.2 hours of commuting.  Interesting excuse. He promised that he would be there tomorrow. Last chance for him.

Who did show up? Why LCS site works, thats who. Those guys are good. I do not have to worry about them. They are definitely on my team. They are there to install the blind connection to the storm drain. This is the last big digging operation that needs to get done. They are digging from the storm line to the property line where I will then connect all the downspouts. Read here if you care to know why I can't have my roof water run off onto my property.

Off to bed!

LCS team on site and ready to go!

Entry porch completed. Except for the post and the painting and fixing up the flashing.

The back wall finished. They might need to add some between the window wells.

So fresh and clean clean! Pedro and Tadeo have a bathtub to make as much a mess as they want! Within reason of course.